Introducing an innovative new financing tool to accelerate sales. Zeti acts as a sales enablement tool for vehicle manufacturers and dealerships, providing an attractive customer-centric option to add to your existing financing options.

Advantages for manufacturers

Attracting new customers with innovative Pay-as-you-Use financing options

Fleets want the ability to pay as they drive, rather than fixed repayments. Being able to offer your vehicles to be financed per mile provides an attractive alternative financing solution, increasing the chances of you completing the sale.


Current leasing relies on heavy discounts being provided by vehicle manufacturers but rarely being passed onto from the customer. Zeti keeps everything transparent. If you choose to offer discounts then that is to the benefit of your customer, not an intermediary.

Sustainability focused

Our focus is to accelerate the adoption of zero emission vehicles. We appreciate that zero-emission technologies may not be applicable to all vehicle types and industries just yet. Therefore we also support ultra-low emission vehicles. We seek to boost the sales of your clean vehicles, helping you fulfil your emissions obligations without harming your sales.


“The Transport as a Service offering from Zeti provides customers with complete certainty of costs for the duration of a vehicle contract. The pay-per-mile financing helps operators to optimise their cash flow and protect margins. We see this as a real value-add for those fleet operators looking to decarbonise their fleets to achieve challenging net zero targets.”

— Jawad Khursheed, CEO of HVS


If you’re a fleet operator, manufacturer or lender interested in learning more about Zeti, please get in touch at