Transport is becoming an on-demand service. Fleet operators need to adopt low or zero-emission vehicles; whether due to customer demand, legislative requirements, or simply because it’s the right thing to do. 

However, financing is expensive and often disconnected from revenue generation, not to mention the hidden costs and penalties sometimes found with traditional leasing. 

Zeti’s pay-per-mile financing optimizes your cash flow and can help secure your profit margin.

Advantages for fleets


We offer true pay-per-mile vehicle fleet financing; pooled across the fleet, rather than per vehicle. There is no penalty for driving over your estimated monthly mileage. Our contracts are based on a contracted mileage commitment and allow for flexible payments.

Fully automated billing

Billing and payment collection are entirely automated and always available on our dedicated Fleet Operator portal. For your ease of use, check any historic information whenever you like in your dedicated portal.

Monitor your fleet in real-time

Our digital platform integrates with best-in-class telematics to capture data from each vehicle in real-time, giving you insight into live fleet behavior through the Fleet Operator portal.

No hidden costs

Unlike traditional fixed-duration finance with estimated mileage, having a fixed contracted mileage means the total cost of ownership is always accurate and transparent. You pay for what you’ve used.

Sustainability focused

Our focus is to accelerate the adoption of zero emission vehicles. We appreciate that zero-emission technologies may not be applicable to all vehicle types and industries just yet. Therefore we also support ultra-low emission vehicles. We seek to boost adoption of clean vehicles but won’t dictate the underlying clean technology to be used.

Platform advantages

Our patent-pending software platform offers key insights for fleet operators looking to finance the switch to cleaner transport while closely monitoring the behavior and profitability of their fleet.

Locate each vehicle in real-time

Access full billing history

Track payments and monthly statements

Analyze mileage breakdown per vehicle

Monitor real-time tailpipe carbon and NOx savings from the adoption of your clean vehicles


"Zeti are a bridge between Breathe and the investment funds. We have an ambitious target to scale 10,000 vehicles across the UK so we really need players like Zeti who can provide us with security and base of information."

- Jeff Davis, Breathe COO

"A particular benefit of the ZERO platform is the pooling of vehicle mileage; with a contracted aggregate mileage across all vehicles, we don’t need to juggle individual cabs to a fixed mileage or end date."

- Asher Moses, Sherbet CEO


We work with lenders seeking to invest in clean transport; unlocking new pools of capital as well as leveraging traditional pools. Lenders may include banks, insurance firms, pension funds, family offices, etc. 

Zeti turns transportation into a new clean asset class and is therefore able to support a wide range of lenders as they seek to add zero-emission vehicles to their portfolios.

Zeti supports the financing of zero or ultra-low emission vehicles across any industry including, but not limited, to taxi and rideshare; last-mile delivery, haulage and mass transit. Typically these vehicles are road vehicles but Zeti’s software can also support the financing of non-road vehicles as well as static assets. Contact us for more information.

We will only support the funding of zero or ultra-low emission vehicles.

Zeti’s patent-pending software is the automated asset financing platform that enables our pay-per-mile finance model. It handles all billing and payments, maps all assets, reports environmental benefits and provides online portals for both fleet operators and lenders. You will interact with our software through your Fleet Operator portal.

Zeti does not provide its pay-per-mile product directly to consumers, yet! Stay tuned.

The mileage is monitored via best-in-class telematics. Think of this as a ‘smart meter’ for a vehicle, which allows us to seamlessly measure usage without having to ask for odometer readings.

Zeti is active and supporting the deployment of clean vehicles in Europe and the USA with offices in London, Los Angeles and New York; and with plans to expand further in the future.

If you’re a fleet operator, lender or manufacturer interested in learning more about Zeti, please get in touch with us via our contact page.